Tuesday, 19 August 2014

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[*Best] Happy New Year 2015 Wishes , Quotes , Messages

Happy New Year 2015 Wishes , Quotes , Messages : New Year wishes are irreplaceable piece of New Year festival. Each time we celebrate another year with much energy and anticipate satisfy all fantasies and goals. The convention is subsequently to wish 'Upbeat New Year' to loved ones at the start of another year.

Happy New Year 2015 Wishes

Happy New Year 2015 Wishes , Happy New Year Wishes , New Year Wishes

  • 2015 is at your doorstep. So before the clock stops ticking live all your wild dreams and make a grand New Year.

  • May the God bless you with his choicest blessing in 2015 and all your dreams come true.

  • Don’t forget to make a wish tonight. I have prayed to the God to grant all your prayers in 2015.

  • Happy New Year 2015  Best Wishes

  • May the sun shines the brightest,
    And the sky glow above you cloudless,
    May you feel new hope every day,
    May all your worries go away,
    And stay only at bay.
    I pray to God that you have a brilliant 2015.
    I wish you a very Happy New Year!

  • Yet another year has passed by
    Don’t waste time in thinking how much you have lost
    But, thank God, that He has given you yet another chance
    To see the brilliant morning of a fresh New Year.
    Happy 2015!

  • Light the lamps,
    Burn the crackers
    Raise the toast, and,
    Shout Happy New Year!

  • Happy New Year 2015 Wishes

  • The New Year is the time when the feeling is new..
    The Sun is new..
    The blessings are new..
    The hope is new…
    The smile is new..
    The joy is new…
    The rhythm is new..
    The peace is new….
    But my wishes for you are not new……
    They were, they are and they will be there for you forever.

  • There comes the New Year.
    You will live life forever young.
    Don’t fear.
    Have faith.
    Pray well.
    Be happy.
    God Bless.

  • On this New Year and everyday..
    I will make the effort…
    To know you..
    Understand you…
    Wishes the best to you…
    And I also promise,
    Not to hurt you..
    To be will you today and always.

  • I want let you know on this New Year that …
    A simple tune can make you sing,
    A small hug can make you feel,
    A small gesture can make you happy,
    And my presence in your life can make you realize life.
    Wish you health and happiness on the New Year and everyday.

  • Best New Year 2015 Wishes

    • On this New Year….
    • I will be a step when you stop,
    • I will be a touch when you are lost,
    • I will be a word when you are quite,
    • I will be a smile when you are sad,
    • And of course a shoulder when you cry…
    • Love you today and specially on the New Year….

    • A wonderful and beautiful relationship like our will not need a night conversation. A small and sweet message is enough to let you know my feelings for this New Year and Always. 

    • Smile always..
    • Laugh aloud..
    • Walk with me..
    • Be with me..
    • This New Year is the time when we promise to each other…to be together always. 

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